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This is AMAZING!

Posted by SuperMarioFan9000 - February 10th, 2011

Squirrels in my PANTS!
Mysterious Figure Remix
Xion Final Battle Remix
The Other Promise
Head Honcho Carpaccio
Cannoli Boss theme
Wario Boss battle (Not Wario as the enemy)
Vanitas Battle Theme
Vanitas Final Extended

I know there AMAZING! Post your comment if you loved one of these.
Vanitas is really EASY in my first encounter in Kingdom Hearts Birth by sleep, I enjoyed defeating him, and the Vanitas Lingering Spirit is really hard but I defeated him, now fighting the hardest secret boss in the game: The Mysterious Figure, My level is 56, my best friend is level 55, I can now fight him, if I get the chance. I got the Void Gear keyblade from the spirit, and fought the REAL Vanitas, and my last attack to reduce his HP to 1 is called SALVATION. And D-linked with him, I enjoyed using his power, and attacks. ^_^
(EDIT):Found some more:
Jinouga battle theme
Lao Shan Lung
Jinouga's theme is epic and rocks!
Lao Shan Lung is perfect for a war!
There are some too:
White Fatalis

This is AMAZING!


you beat ghost vanitas who did you use

terra aqua or ventus


I beat him at level 56.

ive been trying to beat him with terra

Well, Terra IS the strongest, use the shotlock when he uses the Shadow attack to counter but he's invincible to Shotlocks, and do not use Cure magics, because Vanitas Remnant will cure, so bring lotsa potions instead because it will take longer than you think. What's your arena level in the Mirage Arena? I searched that when your level 29 in the M.A. you will have the strongest shotlock, However I still haven't got it, so it can be tested on Mysterious Figure, who is VERY VERY hard, when you defeated MF, you will have something.

I defeated him 2 times! That must be a new record!

so you have the void gear keyblade how good is it

Kinda strong the strength is about at 8, then instantly kills if the enemy level was really low, really helped me advance through stage 9 of the "Keepers of the arena" Arena mode, But I died, still because I kept being beaten up by Iron Imprisoner 4! I hate that guy!

how do you make sprite movies

Well, it's easy to animate, once you learn, you'll get used to it, I can't teach you, I just watched random Flash Tutorials, at newgrounds. they'll help you, sorry I can't teach here is a link to download MACROMEDIA FLASH PRO 8: http://www.downloadbar.com/downlo ad/Macromedia_Flash.htm