Entry #49

I quit spriting

2013-01-04 00:34:42 by SuperMarioFan9000

Title says it all..
Im sorry, but I lost this spriting animation spark for like a long time now, and I didn't tell you guys because you might be angry or shocked..But sorry for not telling you guys sooner.
And I guess it's time to quit the M & L ROTDS. This spark is gone now, and idk when this will come back..
I know that you my fans (If still alive) always waited for my next episode, but no longer..
You people will no longer see Sprite animations from me, but stick figure and anime animations.
Forgive me, but.. these stick figure animations that Im good at and anime (lol not really, Im just practicing stick figure with clothes, angles and such and then anime)
Hope you understand, I lost interest in M & L ROTDS now.


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2013-01-05 18:10:22

It's cool man, I really liked the stick figure animation you made a couple years ago, which oddly got deleted in a few weeks, but it was cool anyhow :)


2015-04-25 08:29:22