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SuperMarioFan9000's News

Posted by SuperMarioFan9000 - October 2nd, 2011

Please, I need a favor.. (A task lol) Just read it. And post a comment either here or in deviantart.com

Posted by SuperMarioFan9000 - September 18th, 2011

Announcement to fans!
And friends!
I learned now of the code of fighting games, the player and enemies!
So expect a game very big and soon to be released!
Here's a preview of a big game (NOT THE SERIES)
Can't wait? Well try to play some other people's games!


Posted by SuperMarioFan9000 - September 4th, 2011

Now.. Soon to be released!
By the way, create your own evil sonic fan character and join Underworld Team Demon X (In deviantart)

Posted by SuperMarioFan9000 - August 29th, 2011

Calling all Sonic fan characters creators (Or just characters)
Create your own dark and evil sonic fan character... No Mario, No Link, No Kirby, just Sonic.. Evil! Not good!
Darkozar is your leader, check my deviantID in deviantart.com:
Darkozar ID

Image in new tab:
Darkozar ID again

Check his stats on the first link, and I KNOW that he is over-powered. Phase 3 is his strongest form, but requires 3 years to master it's true power..
The REALLY OVER POWERED is about 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,99 9 What kind of health is that?
Current Members (Soon to be edited):
Darkozar (leader/dark)
Flash (Thunder)
Darkimizu (Water)
Flare (Fire)

So.. Join now! Just follow these steps:

1st. Create an evil character, make him powerful but not much over-powered, sorry about Darkozar though.. His attacks deal heavy damage but not one-hit kill though

2st.Imagine his/her attitude, abilities, and personality.. Write it down

3rd. Finally meet with me here:
Team Demon X powers

4th.Join in, and upload your sprite sheet, or preview if your not yet done..

5th. Since Milan (milan0077. Check him out, you can visit him, here:
He is making a comic, I'm helping him so that he may make his comics more epic and awesome..
All you have to do with the 5th.. Is nothing, I'm doing this.

So.. Do you enter the underworld??
Sign this contract:

Dear character or whoever you are,
This is the underworld, if your character joins in, he/she must train for a while.. Making him/her stronger, (more like SMF9000 making a movie using your character to train with Darkozar but it has to wait.. I'm waiting for my best friend Milan.) anyways, the limit of members are 100... Each will have to practice:
50 Members go to "Dark eye spotter" Goal: Is to shoot the dark eye that spies on you.. It may appear at your back, on the bottom, everywhere! After this.. GO to the next training session
The 51-100 members shall go to "Resist and destroy".. Goal: Is to defeat the glowing you.. You shall fight yourself. Not hit yourself but destroy a fake you, remember, resist your weakness.. Your fake you is your opposite, and your weakness, resist.. Don't give in and destroy it..
After that,
Rank will be given according to: Power, Speed, Resistance, No mercy, rage, and Darkness
X- Ultimate
S- Outstanding
A- Super great!
B- Great.
C- good
E- Seriously?
So... Are you ready?? Join now!! Here is the theme:
Team Demon X theme

Posted by SuperMarioFan9000 - August 24th, 2011

About ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 90%! Almost done.... So episode 5 is early to be uploaded so..
How's it going?

Posted by SuperMarioFan9000 - August 13th, 2011

Mario vs Dark Yoshi RPG!
I made it for about 6 days, why?

Posted by SuperMarioFan9000 - August 12th, 2011


Posted by SuperMarioFan9000 - July 29th, 2011

Almost there to finish a game I'm working as scratch.. But the only problem is the enemyAI.. AAAAAARRRRGHHHHH!
I am finding the correct AI tutorial but none ever helped me get to the idea.

Posted by SuperMarioFan9000 - July 26th, 2011

However, slow computer, I can't seem to fully upload it... But I'll be uploading it sooner..

Posted by SuperMarioFan9000 - July 16th, 2011

I have missions for all of you to accomplish:
I know I'm almost done with my game, episode 4, the game only needs one more thing, the enemy AI. I know, but it's hard I never knew it. I need to find a tutorial for me to study.. One tutorial that fits all!

2.)Do your best! Make a flash movie and PM me right away. To let me see your improvements and what to improve! I will not take it easy right now

3.)I was wondering if you can send me ideas hehe..

3 missions for all of you.. the first mission, once accomplished and sent, #1 question is out!