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SuperMarioFan9000's News

Posted by SuperMarioFan9000 - July 9th, 2011

I now have newgrounds, cartoon network, facebook, deviantart accounts! And now youtube! I have one,
Newgrounds: You know it
Facebook:IT'S A SECRET! :D
Deviantart: Suppliciumdeatheater
Cartoon Network philippines: SuperMarioFan90000
Visit me in these websites!

Posted by SuperMarioFan9000 - July 1st, 2011

Jeffrey (News slig) reports that ep. 4 has a really epic battle part with epic music stay tuned!
And now our topic:
General SMF9000 declares Business, Meat Factor Flash factory on business!
Scrab Muffins! For only 30 dollars
Paramite Jelly! For only 35 dollars
Killer Fish, drozorkas for only 150 dollars!
Mushroom Spore of Doom for only 300 dollars and note: Be careful! Do not put near Fire!
Fleech slime! For only 350 dollars and note: Don't touch the tongue, it's still alive!

NEW! COMING SOON!! Now just take out some cash and go but the stinking meat!!
Nah just kidding...

Topic 2
Director SMF9000 says: Bread Factory, Breadoctory.. Down? Or cancelled? Ow..
We decided to shut down Breadodoctory! Crumbs are falling from our sandwiches to the machines shutting it down... Nah just kidding!

This isn't real.. Really.

Posted by SuperMarioFan9000 - June 29th, 2011

The Magat on the March (MOM) News you won't lose!
President SMF9000 declares good and bad news!
The Good news is:
1.)I always don't have classes well, not always which gives me time to continue ep. 4
2.)Episode 4 has a short battle between Bowser just to introduce you to the new character
3.)My birthday is coming on July 23! Yeah!
And The Bad news is:
1.)I have a slow computer but because there was a strong rain the internet was slowed down.
2.)I'm on grade 6, it's a lot harder in school
3.)Sprite Making Program (Paint) Shut down? Oww! Just kidding!

For the good news:
Yes! Episodes are increasing now! Sadly if the series is complete, what am I going to do!!!!!!!??????? Nah, New character! But IT IS EVIL! Woah! Must be VERY powerful really.. The episode 4 I worked on was been accidentally deleted so I had to rush on some few parts sorry for the inconvenience!
For the Bad news:
IT AIN'T MY FAULT! It's that Abe Guy.. My career is ruined! Nah just kidding!

Some of the lines in this post is from Oddworld Abe's Exoddus!

Posted by SuperMarioFan9000 - June 25th, 2011

Join me and Milan0077 in deviantart.com! My username is Suppliciumdeatheater! Come on! Join us! Do it!!.... Are they gone?...........Did they stop reading this?..... Whew! My smile is killing me! Oh...... Ughh.

Posted by SuperMarioFan9000 - June 23rd, 2011

The Flash game is working well, but I forgot that I have to make an enemy with AI.. That chases and attacks me. When I jump it also jumps to chase me and attack me.

Posted by SuperMarioFan9000 - June 19th, 2011

Do you watch Toy Story? The 3 parts? Well, do you know that there is a new Buzz Lightyear action figure? The ULTIMATE BUZZ LIGHTYEAR ACTION FIGURE!! (I wonder it will do my homework) It talks responds to any word you say (NOT EVERY WORD) and has wings, and new features than my other action figure must get toy!

Posted by SuperMarioFan9000 - April 22nd, 2011

PON!!! That's right! It's called Patapon The Past Returns!, the akumapons and zigotons attack! First Zigotons and now they are friends and now Akumapons! Please wait and just read the previous post too.
Yeah, the drawing's good.

Posted by SuperMarioFan9000 - April 12th, 2011

Really? Is there a game of Mario battle bros.? Yes, if I know how to make one! Haha! Like Super Smash Bros Brawl.. But different.

Somehow, it is hard to get to the boss, but the boss, is Bowser, and the final boss is the Dark Star, but in forms, when you choose Mario, you fight Dark Mario, Luigi vs Dark Luigi, Yoshi vs Dark Yoshi, and Bowser vs Dark Bowser, of course choose one, and if you beat the final boss, the 4 heroes will defeat them, all at the same time/together, yeah, very hard.

Enemies in order:
1.)Bowser clones (Weaker) But you can't use Yoshi so he will fight against the Koopatrols instead
2.)Koopatrols, 1000 of them, when a few, like: 310 or less, it ends with the blast of Yoshi's signature move
3.)BOSS:Bowser (Real) You will fight as a team, and the character you choose, you will play as him
4.)Optional Boss: Dark Yoshi, after the fight of Bowser, when you play as Yoshi, after Bowser, you fight Dark Yoshi, however somehow he's too strong, so you lose, but at least, HAVE FUN dying!
5.)Maybe someone familiar!
6.)???-Episode not released or planned
7.)???-Episode not released or planned
8.)???-Episode not released or planned
9.)???-Episode not released or planned
10.) Until the end, episode list unknown.

it's up to 50 or something. I don't know.. When the next episodes are released, I'll think of it.. But I don't know how to make these fighting games, PM me or comment and give the link to that tutorial, I'll do it.. But nah, the release will be very soon, because of custom sprites, editing, coding, and other such..

Here's the image of the game, be sure to SAVE IT! AS A REMEMBRANCE!!! :)
Sorry about the bad quality and the white (And other colors) Pixels, I done it in paint. But copy paste though. Sorry, but this isn't the game quality, it's much better if I animate it right.

THIS IMAGE IS THE GAME!! BUT BECAUSE OF THE WHITE AND RED BACKGROUND COLORS AND BAD QUALITY! This image isn't really what it looks like, you will have a health bar at the top. While the enemy's health bar is at his/her head.


Posted by SuperMarioFan9000 - April 9th, 2011

I'm beginning to think.. About websites for my series and battle movies, in case: The flash movies I uploaded here, will be uploaded there: But however I delete those files, so that's impossible, but there will be a link to that episode right? I mean: I wanted to make a website for my series, then make links to the episodes there is a chat room, free registers, rules, and ban.. Again, please teach me, or help me.

Posted by SuperMarioFan9000 - April 9th, 2011

YEAH! Episode 4 will be almost OR will be at 16.000 frames longer! So the longer you wait, the better it will be! episode 5 might be ON 16,000 frames because of explaining and teaching to do, some love and romance, drama, comedy and other such... I wanted to make it longer, since I'm better than the past me.. And leave a comment ON MY PREVIOUS NEWS POST!!!